You can’t fix an unknown problem in the soil without soil testing.

Our soil testing service helps pinpoint the source of soil health problems. A soil test will analyse all the primary, secondary and trace elements that are essential for plant growth and development. This gives us a place to start the process of improving soil health, as well as a way to measure progress over the years.

At Avoca we use the Albrecht method of soil mineral balancing.  We can help you manage soil fertility on your farm, by implementing a balanced system that contains the right nutrients in correct proportions to support healthy plants and animals.

To maintain consistency with our soil testing, our Avoca staff do the soil samples for you. If you are interested in having a soil sample done, contact one of our consultants.

Your soil test results will show which elements are lacking in your soil, and which need to be dealt with as a priority. So if there are budget constraints, we can work on the most important nutrients necessary to improve soil health.

If we have previously done a soil test for the same soil location then that previous soil analysis and recommendation are also taken into account.

With our knowledge and experience in soil testing, we can also analyse soil test results from other laboratories to create an efficient fertiliser recommendation specific to your farm or block.

Talk to one of our experienced soil consultants today or book your soil test online.