Give your soil the precise nutrients it needs, with customised fertiliser blends tailored to your soil test analysis or crop nutrient requirements.

Customised fertiliser blends are the most efficient way to tailor a fertiliser solution to your individual soil test analysis or crop nutrient requirements.

Using generic fertiliser blends may mean you need to over-supply some nutrients to provide adequate levels of others, so you’re effectively paying for nutrients you don’t need. Avoca’s customised fertiliser blends avoid this problem, maximising your fertiliser spend by giving you only the nutrients your soil needs, without any unnecessary (and costly) extras.

Custom fertiliser blends also cut down on application costs, by supplying all the primary and secondary nutrients, along with trace elements, in one product. So you can apply all the nutrients your soil needs in one pass, and enjoy maximum efficiency.

Our custom fertiliser blends are mixed at our Rarewa quarry and fertiliser store near Whangarei, from where they are dispatched to farms throughout Northland. Fertiliser blends can be made in any quantity to suit the smallest lifestyle block or orchard, right up to large dairy or drystock operations. Your order can be bagged in our new bagging plant or loaded onto bulk carriers or spreading contractors to suit.

Avoca is committed to supplying you with the best product for the job, which is why we supply custom blended fertiliser, rather than generic mixed products.

Talk to one of our soil consultants today about custom fertiliser blends, or to arrange soil testing.