Avoca soil consultants work directly with farmers, horticulturists and orchardists, offering specialised advice on soil fertility and fertiliser management.

Our soil consultants have a broad range of fertiliser and agricultural knowledge, combined with real farm experience. The advice they provide will be practical and specifically tailored to match your needs.

Every farm has its own mix of characteristics that make it unique. These characteristics will be determined by the natural environment, as well as farm management. Environmental factors include soil type, topography and climate. Farm management factors are diverse and include the type of farming, management philosophies and financial objectives.

Our aim is to understand your farming operation and work closely with you to formulate a prioritised fertiliser blend that is right for you and your unique situation. Part of this process will include soil testing using an entirely independent laboratory.

Avoca soil consultants are salaried and do not receive commission for selling particular products. This structure ensures the advice you get is unbiased and entirely focused on your needs.

Our soil consulting service is free and comes without obligation to purchase, so contact our soil consultants today, and find out how Avoca could help you enjoy increased production and better efficiency.