Avoca manufactures a full range of limestone aggregate products suitable for roading, farm races, drainage and fill.

Our normal range of limestone aggregate products held in stock at Rarewa, Pokapu and Port Albert Quarries are:

  • General All Passing (GAP): 20, 30, 40, 65 and 100
  • Drainage: 65/40, 40/20
  • Quarry Run
  • Fill

All limestone products at Pokapu and Rarewa quarries are drill and blasted, then processed through our Metso impact crushers.  These machines have a proven reputation for producing well-shaped, evenly graded crushed limestone with plenty of crusher fines to ensure good binding and compaction.

A significant part of the limestone resource at our Pokapu Lime Quarry is particularly hard, with a tested crushing resistance far higher than many blue rock quarries around Northland.  This makes it ideal for producing good quality road sub-base, basecourses and topcources.  These limestone products have been used extensively to develop and upgrade forestry roads and on the FNDC road network.

Contact us today to enquire about limestone aggregate products. If we don’t stock the product your after,  just ask as we may be able to do a specific production run for you.