Calcium in our agricultural lime (aglime) neutralises soil acidity for healthier pastures.

Lime is essential for soil health. By increasing soil pH, lime improves plant nutrient uptake, which in turn increases the effectiveness of any fertilisers applied. That all adds up to improved crop and stock production, and more efficiency.

We recently did a lime trial in Te Akau, North Waikato. Te Akau Lime Trial Results

Avoca’s Agricultural lime (AgLime) is manufactured at our four lime quarries at Rarewa (Whangarei), Pokapu (Moerewa), Oue (Hokianga)and Port Albert (Wellsford).  From these four locations, we’re well placed to deliver agricultural lime Northland-wide.

Blasted limerock is extracted and processed through a primary crushing plant and then finely ground using hammer mills.  The NZ standard for ag lime requires the fineness of grinding in at least 95% of the ground limestone to pass through a 2.00 mm sieve and at least 50% pass through a 0.50 mm sieve.

The latest independent test for calcium carbonate levels for all three of Avoca’s lime quarries can be accessed below.

Rarewa Lime Analysis Dec 2019

Pokapu Lime Analysis Dec 2019

Port Albert Analysis Jan 2020

Since March 2006 for Rarewa and Oue quarries, Port Albert from May 2009 and Pokapu from February 2010,  the average for the four lime quarries are:

    • Rarewa: 74.27 %
    • Pokapu: 68.35 %
    • Port Albert 68.78 %

Although Northland lime is typically lower in calcium carbonate than other NZ resources, our experience is that Avoca’s ag lime is softer and faster acting in the soil.  In addition, chemical analysis of our lime indicates that the portion not made of calcium carbonate contains other key minerals that are beneficial to soil health and plant growth.

If you have an Aglime enquiry, simply get in touch with one of our soil consultants or phone the main Avoca office.