Get the right soil nutrients to improve crop and pasture production, with Avoca's wide range of bulk fertiliser products and custom fertiliser blends.

Pasture and crops need a variety of nutrients for growth, including phosphate, potash, sulphur, magnesium and trace elements. Using fertiliser to build up the nutrients your soil lacks will increase crop and pasture production, and the overall productivity of your land.

We hold a variety of different fertiliser products in our fertiliser store at Rarewa near Whangarei, including the soil nutrients listed above, and nitrogenous fertiliser, which we transport to farms around Northland.

For increased efficiency and optimum production, ask us about our customised fertiliser blends. We’ll combine the specific nutrients your soil needs, based on the results of soil testing and analysis, into a fertiliser blend that’s tailored to your pasture or crop needs.

Contact your local Avoca soil consultant for fertiliser pricing or further information.