Soluble phosphate fertilisers are not suitable for many NZ soils and often the best way to reduce phosphate losses is to apply a less water soluble phosphate.

Avoca’s Dicalcic Phosphate is a unique combination of Avoca lime and superphosphate which has been cured and processed to produce an easy to handle, stable fertiliser.

With a near neutral pH from 6.5-7, DCP  does not impact soil biology in the same way that highly  acidic superphosphate can.  Being non-water soluble, DCP is less prone to leaching and runoff.  Also it is not fixed or immobilised in high P retention soils.  DCP pastures will get better long term supply of P for sustained pasture production throughout the year.

DCP provides a cost effective option to reduce phosphate application rates by increasing nutrient use efficiency at the same time reducing environmental impacts.

For pricing information, or to find out more about how your farm could benefit from dicalcic phosphate, talk to one of our soil consultants today.