Applying Nitrogen Fertiliser this winter? Get more growth with Synergy which supplies both the Nitrogen and Sulphur necessary for optimum pasture growth and quality in Northland’s Sulphur-deficient soils.

Why apply Sulphur with Nitrogen Fertiliser?

Each of the Synergy Blends; N & S Synergy Boost, High N Synergy, Synergy 50 & Synergy 64 have slightly different N & S nutrient levels specific for soil requirements.

The importance of Nitrogen fertiliser for grass growth is well known. But Sulphur, along with Nitrogen, is just as essential for quality protein production in pasture. Without sufficient Sulphur – a common problem in Northland soils – pasture yield and palatability will be reduced.

Avoca’s Synergy blends provides the solution, by balancing the Nitrogen and Sulphur requirements in fast acting and slow release forms, specifically for Northland pastures.

Custom blended for best results

Because your farm’s soil is unique, we offer custom blending on all products, including Synergy Boost.

Based on your soil test results, we’ll create a custom fertiliser blend that gives your soil the precise nutrients it needs (and nothing it doesn’t) for best results and optimum efficiency.

Locally available when you need it

To maximise the benefits of Nitrogen fertiliser, it’s important to apply it at the right time. So when soil moisture and temperature are at optimum levels, there’s no time to waste. With Avoca depots across Northland, it’s easy to get Synergy exactly when you need it. Available in bulk and 500kg or 1 tonne chute/tie off bags.

Call your local Avoca Rep to learn more about how Synergy  fertiliser mixes can benefit Northland farmers like you.

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